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Joining our Vision
February welcomed two new artists whose creations focus on sustainability, climate justice and the human/nature relationship. Earth Creative is proud to present photographer and author
Christian Murillo . Raised in Miami, Florida, the cards that were dealt to Christian were hardly those of a mountain photographer and environmental storyteller. After a mountain climbing expedition in Bolivia in 2018, he has committed his work towards preserving the glaciers in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

Photo by Christian Murillo

Christian is about to publish his new book Soul of the Skagit .

Telling the story of the Skagit River is more critical now than ever.
Being the most glacially influenced watershed in the continental United States, it has already seen drastic changes to its ice, water, and living organisms. The rate of change is only slated to accelerate.” C. Murillo

Book, Soul of the Skagit

The youth of our times has the most at stake with the growing effects of climate change. Getting young artists and activists involved with Earth Creative is essential to its purpose. We are now launching a new branch of our artists community with the NEXT GENERATION as a way to involve future stewards of the earth. Our first young artist is Richard Frye , a dancer, choreographer and climate scientist student at New York University. Richard is currently working on setting Terra Nostra III to dance.

Photo of dancer, Richard Frye

“My name is Richard Frye and I am a first year at NYU Tisch, pursuing a double major in Dance and Environmental Science. Ever since the beginning of high school, I have desired to combine love of our earth with dance. With irreversible climate change rearing itself, I knew how I could achieve my goal. Art speaks across language barriers and provides inspiration for anyone who views it, even those who are not necessarily artistic. I hope to inspire the world to turn their concern from politics and status, to environmental and climate teamwork.

My future intentions are to use choreography and dance as mediums for activism and awareness around environmental safety, climate change, animal justice and loving our earth. We only have one planet; we cannot take that for granted.” R. Frye

Scack Art Center logo

“Exploring the Edge” exhibition at The Schack art center:
March 23 – June 3, 2023

Exploring the Edge will continue to build awareness around our human-caused climate change issues: global warming, pollution, and extinction. These issues confronting our world today will have a greater effect on future generations. We believe as artists we can show the dangers facing our planet through beautiful and meaningful work. Your work will reflect your part in the climate change conversation. Up to 1200 students of all ages will be touring the galleries and participating in related discussions and projects.

”A Precarious Edge” with Meg Holgate* and Steve Klein* will occupy the downstairs gallery. “Exploring the Edge” will be on the second floor with Natalie Niblack*, Ann Reid*, Steve Jensen*, Lesley Langs*, Karen Hackenberg, Lucy and Pieter VanZanden, Joe Rossano, and Max Benjamin. (* denotes Earth Creative Artist)

photo of interior of Schack Art Center

Schack Art Center: 2921 Hoyt Ave, Everett, WA 98201
For more information, visit

Repeat performance of Terra Nostra II by the Symphonia in Boca Raton on February 27 greeted by standing ovation!

Photo of Terra Nostra II in Boca Raton

For Earth Creative’s First International Multimedia Experience!

BAIT - Beyond an Inconvenient Truth: Seattle April 22 - May 13, 2023, JR Harris Gallery at Continental Plaza
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