Cloud scape with mountain top photo by Christian Murillo


Photography by Christian Murillo

What does your money support?

There are many ways to inspire people on a large scale to become strong stewards of our planet and take concrete action: Grass root advocacy, politics, early and continuous education, science, journalism to name a few. Our medium of choice is the ARTS. The wonder of human creativity is that everyone can relate to some of its chosen forms. Humans are genetically engineered to respond emotionally to creativity and all the art forms combined provide a truly universal and powerful bully pulpit when dedicated towards a cause that matters. Climate change is the most important challenge facing humanity today. 

With your gift to Earth Creative, we will: 

  • Directly support sustainability-focused artists and their creations 
  • Create special events that bring together these artists 
  • Promote these creations in all their forms and locations 
  • Act as a matchmaker between such artists and the scientific community 
  • Broaden our message of urgency globally (and we mean GLOBALLY!) 
  • Design course material for high schools and university programs 
  • Finance school and university visits by Earth Creative 
  • Finance attendance to climate-change focused conferences such as the Aspen Ideas: Climate, the NYC Climate Week, and the United Nation Climate conference  

Earth Creative is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, Federal ID# 85-1950354. All donations to Earth Creative are tax-deductible. 


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Your contribution is appreciated.

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