Painting by Natalie Niblack

Science & Education Committee Purpose Statement

Develop Earth Creative’s content into artistic and science-based educational resources for formal and informal education for students of all ages. Develop a network of participating schools and teachers and organize future in-person and virtual/remote school visits by artists and scientists.

Terra Nostra Curriculum Resources

The first curriculum product of the Science & Education Committee is a set of assignments piloted in college-level interdisciplinary music courses at the University of Washington, Tacoma, by committee co-chair Kim Davenport. 

These curriculum resources are now freely available for download and use by teachers around the world, published under a Creative Commons license and listed at

While this curriculum can have immediate impact in classrooms, the committee also views it as a model for future curriculum to be developed around Terra Nostra and other artwork created by Earth Creative Artists.

Student Quotes (selection)

“When listening to Terra Nostra I was blown away. After listening to this piece, I feel a sense of duty to help preserve the earth in any way that I can. I feel that the piece is very effective in achieving its goal because it helps create dialogue for those who don’t know the effects of climate change.”
Rohit A., senior, Business Administration

“Terra Nostra definitely changed the way I perceive climate change. I have already had deep concerns about the situation at hand, but these concerns felt far away and easily ignorable. This film forced me to sit with the emotions that come with seeing the most vulnerable victim to climate change apart from humans: nature itself.”– Genesis G., senior, Communications “Terra Nostra was the most creative and unique way I have seen climate change and environmental awareness presented. I was blown away by the depth of the piece and its visuals.”
– Elizabeth F., junior, undeclared major

“Terra Nostra made me feel more hopeful about the future, which is not something I usually experience regarding climate change. The film certainly reaffirmed my negative and frightful feelings about climate change, but the final stage of the film reminded me of something very important: we can still do some good and we can’t throw in the towel yet.”
– Isabel G., senior, Arts Media & Culture

“I’ve always felt rather strongly about climate change. However, viewing this piece has led to some important realizations. Though I am just one person, I can still use my skills to impart change on this slowly decaying world akin to how Chagnard used his musical abilities to play his part. I’m going into the web development industry in which I’ve already crafted several sites. The web is a central source for how people receive information across the globe. Despite not going into a position that would be directly combating climate change at its source (legislation), I – like Chagnard – can still play my part by spreading the message. I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if I didn’t at least make an effort to instill change.”
– Kenyon H., sophomore, pre-major