Photography by Christian Murillo

Inspiring Action to Mitigate Climate Change through the Arts

Since its founding in 2020, Earth Creative has been seeking direct partnerships with worldwide artists who share a passion for sustainability and the natural beauty of our habitat. Each month, new artists from all disciplines including music, visual arts, theater, literature, storytelling, poetry, film and documentary-making. Earth Creative promotes the works of those AIR and provides assistance for special projects. It seeks to build a global coalition of creative minds speaking as one powerful voice towards a responsible and sustainable stewardship our of environment for today and the next generations.  

Earth Creative is always searching for new passionate talents. If you know of an artist who is determined to save our species from self-destruction, send she or he our way by emailing our founder and Executive Director Christophe Chagnard at 

“The arts have an immeasurable power to ignite passion for addressing the enormity and urgency of climate change. It is all too often perceived as someone else’s problem or one so overwhelmingly massive that action is futile. Art is the most potent and far-reaching expression of our humanity and as such, has the capacity to raise awareness and inspire action where science alone comes up short. Earth Creative is a gathering platform for artists from all over the world to share their passion for sustainability and climate justice through their creations.”     Christophe Chagnard, Founder 


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Ann Chadwick Reid

Ricardo Nicolau de Almeida


Paulina Fuenzalida