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Earth Creative was invited in New York to share its flagship production
Terra Nostra on June 7 at the Suffolk Theater

Meanwhile downtown looked like this!

Making our message of responsible sustainability more relevant and urgent than ever!

The “A Precarious Edge” exhibit which opened at the Schack Art Center
in Everett, WA on March 25 concluded its highly successful run on June 3.
We are so proud that it featured five of our distinguished artists:
-Painter, Meg Holgate
-Hand cut paper artist, Ann Chadwick Reid
-Glass artist ,Steve Klein
-Painter, Natalie Niblack
-Composer, Christophe Chagnard

Our big summer fundraiser is coming! Email us at if you wish to join us as seating is limited!


Earth Creative welcomed three new artists to its international community of
climate-focused champions:

(mixed-media, Spain/Germany)

“My latest artwork is in conversation with ongoing research on environmental education and climate change. I enjoy getting my hands dirty in the soil and planting native seedlings to foster and recover habitats for insects and birds. Wildflowers are unassuming but powerful latent seeds for change. In my creative research, I enjoy de-centering the human and creating portraits of roots, seeds, and plants.”

(mixed-media painter, Germany)


“My art is a product of my lifelong interest in philosophy, archaeology, ancient civilizations and the present, exploring the relationship of mankind to the environment, though mortality also permeates my mixed-media paintings and semi-sculptural forms. It contains the marks of struggle within our existence. Like life itself, art is the result of contradictory forces. Therefore, the becoming of an image is also a continuous battle.” Read her full statement HERE .

(trombonist, artist, advocate, USA)
”I strive to stimulate the heart and the mind of her audience toward an empathetic and active response. I use multiple mediums to educate and empower people to create positive changes in social and environmental aspects of the world we share.

An idealist at heart, I believe that every action makes a difference,
and that change will come in the form of a ripple”

Watch Jenny’s Project Reel video by clicking on the image below:

Two announcements from Earth Creative photographer Christian Murillo :
“My photograph “Glaciers, Last Call”, which was most recently exhibited at BAIT,
will now be featured in the upcoming National Climate Assessment . For the first time, the NCA is using art of all mediums to communicate the impacts of climate change, so I am quite proud that my photograph is being used to this effect.”

“I have also placed my book “Soul of the Skagit” in over 25 bookstores,
museums, and gift shops across Washington”

Ann Chadwick Reid s paper cut, Butterfly Bombogenesis, which was included in the exhibit Exploring the Edge, will be featured in the Art at the Port exhibition in Anacortes, Washington, August 4-6th. Her paper cut addresses the loss of habitat for the endangered Island Marbled Butterfly in the San Juan Islands.

Ms. Reid was also one of four women who recently received the SOLA Award from Artist Trust. Artist Trust is an organization that recognizes the achievements of artists throughout Washington State.

Dancer/Choreographer Jody Sperling shared a new work-in-progress at the NY Society for Ethical Culture that focuses on human kinship with trees. The work is coming out of her ongoing residency with Ethical NYC that is focused on finding ethical and ecological pathways for dance-making.



Earth Creative has updated its Science & Education page on its website with new resources and testimonies.

Earth Creative’s partnership with EarthGen is stronger than ever with a second invitation to take part in their conference: STEM Seminar: Climate Grief & Creative Expression in Vancouver, WA.

As a result, Terra Nostra II was shown to K-12 students and the teachers’ feedback was very positive!

We are immensely proud to announce that Earth Creative’s Science & Education Committee Chair Kim Davenport’s new book is out!

One of its chapters is focused on Terra Nostra and its many secrets and impact on students.

Earth Creative’s Executive Director Christophe Chagnard was invited to lecture
David Taylor , Assistant Professor, Sustainability Studies Program Director, at the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University. It was a wonderful opportunity to share our vision with some of the upcoming environmental leaders. Later, Dr. Taylor was featured as one of the panelists at the Terra Nostra showing at the Suffolk in NY. It was a very nurturing and rewarding exchange indeed!

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