Photo of Amazon Burning

Earth Creative is proudly involved in the following events:

Photography by Markus Mauthe


February 27, 7 pm

Performance of Terra Nostra IV by The Symphonia, Alastair Willis, conductor at The Studio at Mizner Park, Boca Raton, Florida

March 25 to June 3

“Exploring the Edge” at The Schack, in Everett, WA
Exploring the Edge will feature Earth Creative artists and continue to build awareness around our human-caused climate change issues: global warming, pollution, and extinction. These issues confronting our world today will have a greater effect on future generations. We believe as Earth Creative artists that we can show the dangers facing our planet through beautiful and meaningful work. Up to 1200 students of all ages will also be touring the galleries and participating in related discussions and projects.

April 16, 3pm

Earth Creative Founder and CEO Christophe Chagnard will conduct his farewell concert in a program of Mozart and Tchaikovsky featuring Michi Hirata as piano soloist with the Northwest Sinfonietta at Town Hall, Seattle

April 22, 4 pm (EARTH DAY)

Opening of Earth Creative’s first International Multimedia Artists Exhibit: “Beyond an Inconvenient Truth” (Running for two weeks minimum at 99 Blanchard Street in Belltown, Seattle, WA

April 29, 7pm

Performance of Terra Nostra IV by the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra, Libor Ondras, conductor, Petoskey Center for the Arts, Petoskey, Michigan